Real or photoshopped?

Since dentistry is my profession and I read every day about it I stumble upon all kind of stuff in the net. There is plenty of good articles but there are also a lot of fake pictures and bad advices given. The people cannot understand which is real and which is not. They seek for advice but sometimes recommendations are being given by people that have nothing to do with dentistry. I strongly advise you to look for professional help and consultations only. Everybody has been to the dentist but that doesn’t mean they know details about it. We study many years in order to become what we are and even some of the best dentists hesitate in some of their decisions. The diagnosis of such conditions is not like math and you can take into consideration a ton of symptoms.
Alright! Let’s cut to the chase. I happened to see this picture in the net the other day. I read some pretty interesting comments about it, some of them made me laugh. Just wanted to let you know that this picture is completely photoshopped.
Be careful what you read and where you read it, there are plenty of photoshopped pictures in dentistry. Don’t raise your expectations too high when you see the before and after pictures. Ask yourself which picture is photoshopped and which is not.