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– What is a supernumerary tooth?

– It is an extra tooth. People have 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars (4 wisdom teeth). Having more teeth than this number is referred to a supernumerary tooth. Another term for this condition is hyperdontia.

– What is mesiodens?

– The mesiodens is a type of supernumerary tooth. It is located at the upper jaw between the front two incisors. It can erupt on the vestibular or on the palatal side of the incisors.

– How can I say that I have supernumerary teeth?

– This condition should be diagnosed by a professional. Consult with your personal dentist, oral surgeon or orthodontist.

– I have the proper number of teeth in my mouth. How is it possible to have a supernumerary tooth.

– Some teeth stay impacted in the bone or next to the other teeth. At some point they can start erupting and pushing the other healthy teeth. These can cause teeth crowding, malocclusion and pain in the jaws.

– What is the best method to diagnose the hyperdontia?

– Taking X-rays and clinical examination.