Periodontal Abscess

The periodontal abscess is a dental condition which has an infectious etiology. A periodontal abscess can occur at various locations in the mouth like vestibular, alveolar, lingual or palatal. Individuals undergoing periodontal treatment or did not undergo any treatment for the periodontal problems are most prone to the periodontal abscess. In the periodontal abscess, there is actually an accumulation of pus in the periodontal tissue. The gums of the patient appear to be swollen and lightened in color than the coral pink which is the actual color of the gums. Due to the infection in the periodontium the gums start moving away from the teeth. There is a destruction of tissues and bone around the teeth which makes the patient’s dental health deteriorate if timely treatment is not done.

Periodontal Abscess

Like every dental disease, periodontal abscess also has a set of causes which should be known in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease or to find out the disease etiology. Usually the bacteria causing these conditions are present in the mouth but they do not cause dental diseases. When certain conditions appear these bacteria affect the periodontium. When an affected tooth is not treated by the dentist, then it can develop further and cause periodontal abscess. So it is always said that if you have any dental problem do not hesitate or procrastinate to consult your dentist as this can save you from attracting various dental complications. Thus, patient education should be emphasized by the dentists so that they understand the importance of getting treated. Poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes which lead to the occurrence of the periodontal abscess.

When you feel pain irritation in the gums or uncomfortable while eating or drinking then make sure that you consult a dentist. For the periodontal abscess it is very important to evacuate the pus and medicate the patient with wide spectrum antibiotics and pain killers. Antibiotics work really well in curing periodontal abscess. These medications help in preventing the abscess from expanding in the mouth and the surrounding tissues and thus curing the abscess in a short period of time.

Periodontal Abscess in mouth

The periodontal abscess is often associated with periodontal disease. Dark field microscopy was used to determine the actual cause of the periodontal abscess and now it is known that Gram negative anaerobic rods are the dominant microbes causing the periodontal abscesses. The researches show that spirochetes are present in the amount of 30-60%. Coccoid cells are present in the periodontal abscess but in lower amounts than the spirochetes. Gram stained smear can also be used to point the specimen and create an antibiogram for the future antibiotic treatment of the periodontal abscess.